Graft Games is an informal games studio operated by Gemma May Potter, James Medd, Marie Jones, and Sam Meech.

Our games strip out classic gaming mechanics and combine them with craft equipment, creating unique experiences that blur the boundaries between playfullness and productiveness.

Hazuki Knit

Hazuki logo

Hazuki Knit is a game inspired by quick time events experienced in games such as Dragon’s Lair, Shenmue, Resident Evil 4, and Metal Gear Rising. It’s a neat mechanic, easy to pick up, nerve-wracking, and endlessly frustrating when you mess up.

This two-player game is controlled by a hand-powered knitting machine, it will test your ability to remain focused and keep rhythm whilst your opponent/collaborator is knitting.

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Pocket Racer

Pocket racer logo

Pocket Racer is a racing game that uses a sewing machine for input. Rather than a needle and thread, the machines are loaded with pens! Players must race around a track based on a patch pocket shape. It's not only about speed though; racers will be disqualified if their stitching is inaccurate and they deviate from the track.

Graft Games’ Gemma is a pretty good judge of a well-stitched pocket, but as we continue to develop the game, we’re also using machine learning to try and train a computer to be our own robo-racing-judge.

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