Pocket Racer

Pocket racer logo

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Inspired by production and quality targets imposed upon garment factory workers, Pocket Racer is a racing game that uses a sewing machine for input. Rather than a needle and thread, the machines are loaded with pens! Players must race around a track based on a patch pocket shape. It's not only about speed though; racers will be disqualified if their stitching is inaccurate and they deviate from the track.

A player staying on the track pretty well.

Pocket Racer is our latest game, and pulls on themes from classic racing games: speed up on the straights, slow down on the corners. Graft Games’ Gemma is a pretty good judge of a well-stitched pocket, but as we continue to develop the game, we’re also using machine learning to try and train a computer to be our own robo-racing-judge.

A player about to start racing around the track

So far we've only built a single prototype machine, but we've designed the game so that up-to-10 players will be able to race each other simultaneously in the future.

A player who has come well and truly off the tracks